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Surrey Zinc ltd are expert Zinc cladding contractors with over 20 years experience. We are highly skilled with an excellent reputation with any type of zinc roofing need you may have.

Surrey Zinc work with only the best suppliers including, VM Zinc, Nedzink and Rheinzink to name a few. Zinc is the top metal roofing surface currently due to it’s durability and sustainability.

VM Zinc Cladding

Zinc Cladding Contractors in Surrey

We can provide you with any zinc cladding or roofing service that will last for decades with zero ongoing maintenance involved.

We cover the counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex but also work in parts of London and other areas. If you are unsure whether we cover your area, you are always welcome to contact us and ask.

Zinc Cladding Cost Per m2

The typical cost of Zinc Cladding per m2 really depends on the project but an accepted figure is around ¬£35 per m2. The current¬†cost of a Zinc roof is quite a bit cheaper than Copper roofing metal but can last up to 50 years. This cost is for the material alone and does not include installation costs. Please bear in mind that this figure is only an estimate at time of writing. It’s always best to contact us for a quote as the price of metal materials tend to fluctuate a lot.

Benefits of Zinc For Metal Roofing


Zinc as a roofing material is enjoying rapid growth in the UK currently. This is due to it’s excellent green credentials and long lifespan. Zinc is often the metal of choice for many roofing surfaces. This metal material is one of the more friendlier to the environment. It’s also popular for building cladding and facades.

Currently zinc is enjoying a buoyant market which is good news for the industry. There is a slight concern that the growing demand will expose skills shortages. in traditional metal roofing. Fortunately, this is our primary area of expertise along with copper.

Latest Zinc Cladding Projects

Below are a few of our latest VM Zinc Cladding projects. These include Quartz Zinc, Anthra-Zinc, Pigmento Red Cladding to Dormer, and VM Zinc Natural Cladding to Dormer. These images are placed in a gallery and will enlarge once clicked. We are always adding new projects to our website and portfolio, some of which are in our image gallery.

    Pigmento Red

    Below is a sample of Pigmento Red Zinc which is increasing in popularity. You can also see a previously completed project using this colour in our image gallery.

    Pigmento Red Zinc

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