Surrey Zinc are proud to offer installation services of GreenCoat steel systems. This brand is growing in popularity and has many benefits that other metal roof systems do not.

GreenCoat is a Nordic quality steel which is suitable for the harshest weather conditions. As the name implies, this steel is among the greenest in the world. It’s also available in an extensive range of colours. The coatings come with Swedish rapeseed oil which adds to the green properties of this steel.

GreenCoat Steel Systems

GreenCoat is a just one of the brands on offer from SSAB who supply many other steel systems. We specialise in the installation of their roofing, facades and rainwater systems. Below you will find more information about the services we provide and benefits of GreenCoat.

Benefits Of GreenCoat Steel Systems

This excellent range of steel systems come with the following guarantees and characteristics.

    1. Unique combination of steel and coating
      Leading technology using Swedish rapeseed oil
      Long lasting, superior surface for any weather
      Excellent formability – even by hand
      Wide range of colours
      Formable down to -15° C
      Color repeatability
      40 years of outdoor testing
      The cleanest steel
      Performance guarantee

Colour Chart

Choose between a selection of 28 vibrant colours for your steel.
Greencoat colours

Rainwater Systems

We also specialise in the installation of the GreenCoat rainwater systems. This system is high quality Nordic steel with the option of adding a zinc coating.

GreenCoat rainwater systems

GreenCoat RWS: A high quality rainwater system with excellent gloss retention. The coating contains polymer grains that make the surface scratch resistant

Roofing Systems We Install

The GreenCoat range of steel roofing products come in several different categories. Each category contains different products that vary in characteristics and advantages. We are masters with the installation of all these roofing systems no matter what your requirements. Below are the main product ranges.

  • Natura: Bio-based coating made with Swedish rapeseed oil (BT).
  • Colour Repeatability: GreenCoat Crown BT. High color retention and durability for tile profiles and modular roof.
  • Enhanced Formability: Specialised products for metal roofers/tinsmiths.
  • Energy Efficient: GreenCoat Cool provides you with an outer skin on your building that reflects solar radiation. Choose this when you have a building in need of cooling.
  • Outdoor durability: Longest guarantees for outdoor durability. These systems can withstand decades of harsh weather, even in the coldest climates.

Greencoat facades

Facade Systems

Most of the roof systems above are also available for facades. These include Natura, Outdoor Durability and Colour Repeatability. There is one important exception for anti-graffiti though.

Anti- Graffiti: Max resistance to dirt, felt-tip pens or spray paint. All can easily be removed from the metal surface leaving no long term stains.

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