This is a latest project we completed in Richmond in London. The project involved using VM Zinc Quartz plus a standing seam with 14 dormers which are also in Zinc. A dormer is one of the many styles of roof which usually comes with at least 1 window.

VM Zinc Quartz Plus Standing Seam With 14 Dormers

Quartz Zinc & Natural Zinc

Quartz Zinc is quite new to the VM Zinc product range. This material has been around since 1993. It comes from their flagship Natural Zinc which dates back to the 1830’s. Both leave a grey matte finish which are similar in colour. Quartz Zinc also leaves a similar naturally aged patina like Natural Zinc.

More Project Images

Below are more images for this Quartz Zinc with standing seam project with 14 dormers. You can click each image to enlarge them and navigate forwards and backwards.

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