Aluminium Roofing & Cladding

Aluminium Roofing & Cladding Contractors for Kent, Surrey & Sussex

Surrey Zinc Roofing Ltd are one of the leading Aluminium roofing & cladding contractors with a wealth of experience. We have been providing our Aluminium roofing services for almost 20 years now. We pride ourselves on excellence and have a growing list of satisfied clients.

We mainly provide our Aluminium roofing and cladding services to the Kent, Surrey and Sussex areas but have worked all over southern England. Our portfolio will highlight numerous projects all over London and throughout the southeast of the UK.

Benefits of Aluminium Roofing

Aluminium has become an extremely popular choice of material in the building industry for a variety of reasons. Aluminium is very lightweight, is highly resistant to corrosion, extremely robust due to it’s incredible strength and one of the most recyclable metal materials on the planet. When recycling Aluminium it’s normally possible to save around 95% of all energy in comparison to it’s primary production.

Steel and Aluminium are available in panels, shingles or tiles. Steel is generally painted to create the desired finish, and Aluminium is left unfinished. Polished or matte Aluminium works well with a modern or industrial design, and painted steel can complement a wider variety of decors.

If you would like to discuss any potential Aluminium roof work then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Surrey Zinc Roofing Ltd. This page contains a form for you to email us directly with your requirements if you prefer.